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       A Turn Key Access Control System

            Since its founding in 1979, Allegheny Safe & Lock, Inc. has been providing exceptional and quality locksmith services.  Tony DeMino, President and CEO, takes pride in offering integrative security systems and solutions.  ASL Systems, a division of the parent company, places special emphasis on our customer’s safety and security, 24/7, with our advanced, state-of-the-art technology and commitment to superior service.  Bonded, insured, and family owned and operated, we remain instrumental in supplying our product to a broad range of markets; specifically, the educational, corporate, and not-for-profit sectors of industry.  ASL Systems develops and delivers the solution to all of your security needs both locally and nationally.  



             Access Control is simply the selective restriction of access to a place or resource, such as a key and a lock or a security system involving key-less entries, cameras and software. This is the umbrella in which all of our other services fall under.

             A "Turn key" system represents a security system that is complete and ready for use. This means we not only provide and install all material, but we also take care of all software setup, interface design, maintenance and training.  

             Our business philosophy begins with educating our clients. We will come and survey the client site to design a security system that is tailor-made to fit our clients needs. We take the time to explain all of your options so that the Access Control system works seamlessly with the hardware that we install. If a change is wanted or a problem should arise, ASL Systems is on hand to walk our clients through the process.  We work closely with product designers and engineers and have an in depth understanding of the products we install and service. From new construction to renovation, Allegheny Safe and Lock and ASL systems is your one stop shop for everything Access Control.


* Closed Circuit Cameras
* Temperature Cameras

* Intrusion 
* System 
* Emergency Locksmithing

* Security System Upgrades
* Locksmithing Services
* Door Hardware
* 24/7 Live IT Support
* Free estimates
* Sales & Installation


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Restricted Keys


Restricted Keyways
High Security Locks

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